Loans at low rateCall the loan is repaid by the borrower usually a warning for 2-7 days. The funds can move from lenders to borrowers and without the mediation of banks, however, increase dramatically the risk loss of money, given in a loan, as lenders and borrowers are not aware of the solvency of each other, and the size and the offer term funds do not coincide with the size and SRO kami needs. Call the loan is repaid by the borrower usually a warning for 2-7 days. An important condition for ensuring the repayment of the loan is to assess creditworthiness of the borrower and of the loan only Creux disposabel solvent and the borrower. the limitation possible opportunities of the government to use the funds of the Central Bank. The request shall indicate the purpose of the loan, its amount and the period for Ko which credit is sought. The overdraft facilities (ital.

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These organizations have the right to conduct individual banking OPE- the radio provided for by law. On the other hand, and banks ski supervision may be assigned to special bodies, not for a cent General Bank. Along with the economic concept of "banking operations and services ha" in the legal revolution introduced the concept of "banking and transactions". PRINCIPLES COMMERCIAL BANK The set of reasons that businesses guide podstolice in the process of activity, called principles. Mediation in the loan became one of the important functions of commercial cal Bank.

4. A key element of the financial system of any developed state STV today is the Central Bank, official conductor of monetary policy. Depending on the collateral the loans are unsecured, i.e. The most independent the Central banks of Germany and Sweden. 6.

Bank (FR. Interest rates on loans are usually determined by the Bank as a contractual agreement with the borrower; they are installed on the period attributable to the credit agreement. the study of the statutes and regulations of view of determining the rights of the Bank to take a pledge issued under cel- do the borrower's assets, including securities. International loan foreign by banks, credit organizations, foundations, governments eno- strange States. So, for example, 55 % of the capital of the Bank of Japan belongs to the state stvu, and 45 % — private individuals; in Austria 50 % of the capital belongs the state and 50% ownership of individuals and legal entities- residents. In Finland the centre General the Bank has traditionally concentrated in the legislature, plays influential role and acts as a supplier of the highest state figures.

THE ORIGIN AND NATURE OF BANKS The word "Bank" comes from the old French "banque" and means "table". Turnover money is influenced financial institutions, and first of all- th banks, which provide the basis for cash flow and related with all branches and sectors of the economy. Of fundamental importance is a clear distinction of the state public Finance and banking system, i.e. As investment Advisor, the Bank provides Advisory services to their customers about the issue and circulation of securities. In the corre- accordance with the signed agreement the customer must pay the leasing the payments, which will eventually completely cover the cost purchased by the Bank and leased equipment. The interest for the BAP dit is accrued from the date of actual use.

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